Sand dunes of Katalakkos

Here, you may meet a real desert, a remarkable phenomenon in Pan-European level.

Sand dunes lie in a place that doesn’t justify their presence, 70,000m2 in extent approximately, at the village Katalakkos and away from the sea. It is an exceptional landscape with narrow vegetation that attracts more and more visitors.

Go for plunges in Pachies Ammoudies and walk as you can stand in the hillsides of the area. The landscape will not cease fascinating you, not even for a minute.


In the narrow streets of Prophet Elias

If you have time, walk from Thermae to the mountain –a fantastic route of 374m- till the chapel of Prophet Elias.

The view over there is panoramic and really incredible: dentelated coastlines, shoals and lands around it, the dam between mountains Krikela and Saint Dimitrios, and if the atmosphere is clear, then you may see the top of Mount Athos, Thasos, Samothrace and Imvros!



It’s time for some new experiences, while the ecological routes in Fakos and Saint Efthymia start from Diapori.

A natural narrow canal between the bay of Moudros and Diapori leads to the peninsula of Fakos, with many chapels.

You may be found between great cultivated expanses, rich grasslands, agricultural cattle-breeding units and folds of exceptional popular architecture; besides, it is the ancient area of Kechagiades of Lemnos.

It constitutes a wildlife refuge, with strong breeze, many brushwood areas, rugged coasts, narrow beaches, interesting multicolored volcano rocks and tree fossils of 17-21 million years old.

You may pass some points of these routes only on foot, so if you intend to do it, make sure you have athletic shoes and a kit-bag with all requisites for walking.