This island has strong gastronomical tradition, gives forth an aroma embellished with influences from Asia Minor and offers unforgettable moments of fish-eating nearby the sea.

The long-lasting history of the area is unbreakably connected with the production of unique products, such as the wine of Lemnos, the punnet cheese, wheat and sesame of exceptional quality, which supported the local economy in many and different periods of time – some of them still do that till nowadays.

Here, cooking is developed in the framework of traditional nutrition, while pure and traditional products of Lemnos land play a dominant role till today.

The cases of creative cooking are almost inexistent, without being a problem at all, because everything you eat is pure, fresh and well-cooked.

In this island you may taste a great variety of dishes, snacks, fish, seafood and meats and you will be surprised pleasantly of their unexpectedly simple and totally original finesse.

Products of Lemnos

The island has many remarkable small industries, local milk products, mainly cheese, honey, cereals (rusks of Lemnos and wheaten flour are famous), and also wine, that-is-to-say, an entirely Mediterranean nutrition.